Comité de soutien à Nathalie Morin, Samir, Abdullah et Sarah

Grande soirée solidarité pour Nathalie – Samedi 6 mars 2010 au Lion d’or

Liberté clé en main

Une grande soirée de solidarité est organisée par le comité de soutien à Nathalie Morin et ses enfants. Le thème de la soirée est « Liberté Clé en main », nous vous invitons tous à apporter une clé inutilisée, en symbole de liberté de Nathalie et ses enfants !

Le spectacle animé par François Gourd, regroupe de nombreux artistes solidaires avec la cause de Nathalie: Maggie Blanchard, Sylvie Desgroseillers, Eve Cournoyer, Olivier Cheuwa, Dramane Koné, Hôtel Morphée, Jireh Gospel choir, Aurélia O’leary, Amir Khadir, Francine Lalonde, …

Les places sont en vente dès maintenant à la billeterie articulée (1 866 844 2172) ou sur le réseau admission. Vous pouvez aussi directement acheter vos billets au Monument national, 1182 rue Saint Laurent (12$ + frais de 2$ en prévente), ou le soir même au Lion d’or (15$ + frais de 2$). Les fonds seront reversés au comité de soutien à Nathalie Morin.

Nous vous y attendons en grand nombre, afin d’exprimer votre solidarité à Nathalie, Samir, Abdullah et Sarah.

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Cartes pour Nathalie et les enfants – Post cards for Nathalie and the children

Nathalie a été très touchée par les centaines de cartes qu’elle a reçues au début du mois de janvier. Vos messages d’espoir, de soutien et de partage sont très importants pour le moral de Nathalie et ses enfants.

Nous allons donc continuer d’acheminer vos cartes à l’ambassade du Canada de Ryad qui les remettra en mains propres à Nathalie.

Envoyez nous vos cartes au bureau de la députée Mme Lalonde (il n’y a pas de frais, donc pas de timbre à mettre si vous postez vos cartes depuis le canada), à l’adresse suivante:

Francine Lalonde
Députée de La Pointe-de-l’Île
11975 rue Victoria
Montréal (Québec) H1B 2R2

Merci beaucoup de votre solidarité qui fait chaud au cœur et de votre participation qui fait bouger les choses!

Nathalie was so happy to receive cards that we want her to receive some on a regular basis. It’s also a way for us to show at the canadian ambassy in Saoudi Arabia that we are still fighting for the freedom of Nathalie and her kids.
Here is your chance to encourage Nathalie and support the cause.

We ask you to write a encouragment card to Nathalie and her kids and to mail it (FREEPOST from Canada) at the office of the deputy Francine Lalonde. We will collect the cards and after mail it ourselves at the canadian ambassy in Saoudi Arabia. Here is the address:

Francine Lalonde
Députée de La Pointe-de-l’Île
11975 rur Victoria
Montréal (Québec) H1B 2R2

Thanks a lot for supporting the cause, for your commitment and your concrete action!

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Email to Lawrence Cannon

The press conference had a big impact in Saudi Arabia. Her husband, Saeed, was finally ready to let Nathalie and her children leave however the Canadian embassy would not accomodate them!!!! Once again, Canada has turned its back on Nathalie, Samir and Abdullah.

It is up to us now to put pressure on the Canadian government! Call the new Minister of foreign affairs M. Lawrence Cannon at: 1-866-283-8774.

Or send him an email: and  Cannon. with Prime Minister Mr Harper in CC: along with the committee of support for Nathalie Morin:

Ask them let Nathalie and her children come home!!! It is the duty of the Canadian embassy to welcome and  help its citizens,  not to reject them!

If everybody calls or sends an e-mail we can make a difference.

Thank you

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Mail à Lawrence Cannon

La conférence de presse a fait beaucoup d’effet en Arabie saoudite. Saeed serait prêt à laisser enfin partir Nathalie et ses enfants. Mais l’aide de l’ambassade Canadienne ne suit pas !!!! Elle ferme sa porte une fois de plus à Nathalie, Samir et Abdullah lorsque Saeed a voulu les y emmener pour les laisser rentrer au Canada.

À nous tous, nous pouvons mettre la pression sur le gouvernement canadien! Apellez le nouveau ministre des affaires étrangères M. Lawrence Cannon au: 1-866-283-8774.

Ou envoyez lui un email à :, et mettez en copie le premier ministre M. Harper: ainsi que le comité de soutien à Nathalie Morin:

Demander leur de de rapatrier Nathalie d’urgence avec ses enfants !!! C’est le devoir de l’ambassade canadienne d’accueillir et d’aider ses citoyens et non de les rejeter !

Si tout le monde fait un appel ou un courriel ça fera une différence….


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Petition to sign

Petition to help Nathalie, Samir and Abdullah.

Join us and sign this letter asking King Abdullah Ben Abdul Aziz Al Saud the visas that will make Nathalie, Samir and Abdullah come back to Canada and live by their loving family.

Please sign the petition and spread the word about it:

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Actions used as pressure tactics…

You can help us by sending an e-mail to Foreign Affairs Minister David Emerson at:

Send a copy to Mr Stephen Harper:

And the Nathalie Morin Support Comitee:

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Description (in english)

Nathalie is a young 24-year-old quebecer retained against her will in Saudi Arabia by her husband for the past three years. She is being mistreated, as well as her 2 young children (she is also expecting a third one). Nathalie is crying out for help to be able to come back to her country, Canada, along with her children. Unfortunately, the Saudi law demands her husband’s authorisation to leave the country.

Nathalie’s family, deputy Ms. Lalonde as well as her support comitee are organizing differents events and action plans to help Nathalie, Samir and Abdullah. On the website, you’ll find different actions that you can take to help us, the events that took place, and upcoming events.
You will also find information on the Facebook group: Le Canada doit aider Nathalie Morin à revenir au Canada. Don’t hesitate to leave us any messages, and thank you for your support!

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Events (in english)

With Ms. Lalonde’s great help, a press conference was given by the deputy, Joahnne Durocher (Nathalie’s mother), as well as Dominique Morin (her brother). Many reporters were there and several articles and reports resulted from it!

A protest had been held on June 4th in front of the Parliament in Ottawa. Nathalie’s mother and deputy Ms. Francine Lalonde organized this event to raise awareness among deputies and in politics in general.

Click on the following link :

THANKS to all those who joined us for the protest in Ottawa

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Letter in english for the prime minister

Hon. David Emerson

Minister of Foreign Affairs

307, Confederation Building

Ottawa, Ontario

K1A 0A6

Subject: Repatriation of Nathalie Morin and her two children.

Mister Minister;

We are, hereby, asking for your help in the case of Nathalie Morin, a Canadian woman from Quebec who is sequestrated against her will in Saudi Arabia. The medias (newspapers, radios and televisions) already talked about that story earlier in April, and again lately.

The fundamental rights of that young woman and her two children (also of Canadian nationality) are being ignored and we ask that Canada, through the Embassy, organize the repatriation of all three of them. Their health and security are at stake since most of the time, they don’t have enough to eat and Nathalie doesn’t have a phone to communicate with the outside world while they are locked in their apartment.

We thank you for your attention and hope you will act quickly for the sake of Nathalie and her kids.

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