Comité de soutien à Nathalie Morin, Samir, Abdullah et Sarah

Context (english)

Nathalie Morin was born in 1984 in Quebec. She is a Canadian citizen and is currently living in Saudi Arabia. Nathalie Morin is asking for her return to Canada along with her young children.


September: Nathalie meets Saeed Al Bishi, a Saudi who she believes is a student at Concordia University in Montreal.


July: Nathalie gives birth to Samir in Quebec.

September: Saeed Al Bishi is deported in Saudi Arabia after authorities discover that he’s in Quebec illegally.


For two years, Saeed talks to her about all the possibilities of living as a family with Samir in Saudi Arabia. Nathalie visits him twice and comes back both times. Trust is established.


Mars: Nathalie part s’installer en Arabie avec son fils.

December: Visit from Johanne Durocher, Nathalie’s mother, in Saudi Arabia. The situation is bad. Johanne Durocher alerts the Canadian Embassy Services. Nathalie asks the Canadian Embassy for their repatriation.


January: Johanne Durocher alerts Ottawa.

June: Nathalie gives birth to Abdullah in Saudi Arabie.

October 11th: Nathalie comes to Montreal alone at her mother’s expenses.

November 22nd: Nathalie reunites with her children Samir, age 4, and Abdullah, 5 months old, in Saudi Arabia.


February 25th: Saeed asks for a $20,000 ransom to free Nathalie and their two children. He then changed his mind and asked for $100,000, and then said that he was joking all along and doesn’t want amy money.

March 4th & 10th: Saeed is interviewed by the Al Riyadh newspaper and asks the Saudi population for financial assistance.

March 11th & 13th: Saeed is once again interviewed, this time by the Al Watam newspaper.

April 2nd to 5th: Johanne Durocher, Nathalie Morin’s mother, is asking the government for help to extradite her daughter and grandchildren.

April 4th: Gilles Duceppe, Parti Quebecois leader, talks about sanctions to pressure Saudi Arabia.

June 4th: Protest in front of the Parliament in Ottawa and speech given by Ms. Lalonde, deputy of the Bloc Québécois, in front of cameras.

July 9th: Press conference in Montreal. Nathalie is pregnant with her third child, against her will.

November 10th : Press conference in Montreal. Nathalie has never been married with Saeed.

Novembre 18th : Nathalie gives birth to a little girl called Sarah.

Februry, 2009: After some weeks without news, the contact between Nathalie and her mother is back. Nathalie sent some pictures.

Sarah, februray 2009

Sarah, februray 2009

Abdullah and Samir with their father, february 2009

Abdullah and Samir with their father, february 2009

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  1. Bonjour, je suis Aalia du Canada et je comprende le francais (un peu) parce-que j’etudie a l’ecole.

    If someone can please give me Nathalie’s number in Saudi Arabia, I live in the United Arab Emirates and I am wishing to contact her.

    As a fellow Canadian citizen AND Muslim, I am concerned for my Sister (as countryman and religious sense).

    Please establish a reply on my Blog, where I was given this link.


    Aalia of Chasing Jannah

    Commentaire par Aalia | 16 avril 2009 | Réponse

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