Comité de soutien à Nathalie Morin, Samir, Abdullah et Sarah

Email to Lawrence Cannon

The press conference had a big impact in Saudi Arabia. Her husband, Saeed, was finally ready to let Nathalie and her children leave however the Canadian embassy would not accomodate them!!!! Once again, Canada has turned its back on Nathalie, Samir and Abdullah.

It is up to us now to put pressure on the Canadian government! Call the new Minister of foreign affairs M. Lawrence Cannon at: 1-866-283-8774.

Or send him an email: and  Cannon. with Prime Minister Mr Harper in CC: along with the committee of support for Nathalie Morin:

Ask them let Nathalie and her children come home!!! It is the duty of the Canadian embassy to welcome and  help its citizens,  not to reject them!

If everybody calls or sends an e-mail we can make a difference.

Thank you

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